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I’ve been missing the Arby’s that was located on Highland Avenue sooooo many moons ago.  So I decided to go all the way to a new shopping mall just to have Arby’s roast beef sandwiches – thinly sliced with the horsey and Arby’s sauce…only to find a familiar face – JJ, the son of my sons’s doctor when they were growing up.  FYI, the other Arby’s is in Midway.  Walked the Reston-style mall – found some familiar stores open; a few permanently closed due to the flailing economy.   After stop-and-go walking for about an hour, we were off to Barnes and Noble – water for Joan and Italian soda for me plus a 3/4-inch brownie to share at their Starbucks.   Soon it was 5 pm, dark, and cold.    We rushed out to her house where I had parked my car, and home I went to meet a happy and excited Pylon.

Have not contacted my friends.  They were worried I was quiet for more than a few days.  Today, one of them called and woke me up.   They asked how I was doing and what I was doing and why I had not called them.  I replied I did not want to impose on any of them and that all of them had jobs to keep them more than busy, but  I thank God I answered that call.

Went to the trolley to pick up my household help.  Anna is a Medical Assistant by training;  a single mom in life.  (Cannot be a single mom, you know…my dad would kill me!  Different culture)   You see, there are still boxes in that great garage monster mystery – boxes that were delivered the Thanksgiving week of 2007.   There used to be more than 200 boxes – some in the bedrooms, a few in the kitchen and the hallway and most in the garage.  More than 200 I remember and now down to a manageable 45.   Not much – all this stuff – a sweeter term for junk.  I find it very funny and very interesting now that this “stuff” don’t mean a thing anymore.

Yahoooo!   Had a wonderful time out of town.  Finally did what I had always wanted to do all these years on New Year’s Eve….celebrate the countdown at a hotel!!!   Finally, finally.

Missed THE magic show, but made it to another.  Awesome.

To start the new year, my friends lured me away from my current state of mind – they wanted me to greet 2009 with FUN and dance the night away…and I did.  Happy now – period.   Not a question this time.

On another note, miss Pylon…..feels like a cemetery – the silence is deafening.  He’s the second best thing that ever happened – I’m waiting for the first 😉 ….thanks to both Mike and Patty for bringing Pylon into my life.  I love you both.