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Visited Temecula on Tuesday, 05May09.   Good decision.  Lots of antiques.  Brought back a lot of good and happy childhood memories. Remembered Lola and Lolo in the process  (mother’s side, of course!  Is there another?)  Ate at the #1 hamburger place in California.   I have one or two every now and then, but their claim is justifiably right.

Bought a tin plate that said “Things happen for a reason....Just Believe“.  Very apropos.

The weather was perfect with a cool breeze…you could almost touch the mountains…it was your backyard!

Walked into the Olive Oil Company.  A variety of locally produced olive oils…I then drifted towards the olive oil soaps – yes, soaps.  I got one, and I love the feel.   A little steep ($5.50) for a tiny square of soap, but it delivers.  Took the basil olive oil and the balsamic vinegar home.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Both my sons called me on this day.  The younger one called first.  I asked for my gift.  He said he had to pay his bills.  You see, he just got employed.  I am happy about that except his education is on hold right now.  But that’s all right.  The older one called close to lunch time.  I told him about the conversation I had with his brother.  I told him I wanted an iPod – the new skinny one.  He said that’s fine, but it does not have a screen.   He said the Nano might be a better choice.  Then he asked what color, and I said “red” – (is there any other color?)  That, plus something to replace what I purchased in 2004…I’ll call it “the thing” – I told him I don’t need that right now.  I’ll let you know when I get it.