Happy Mother’s Day!  Both my sons called me on this day.  The younger one called first.  I asked for my gift.  He said he had to pay his bills.  You see, he just got employed.  I am happy about that except his education is on hold right now.  But that’s all right.  The older one called close to lunch time.  I told him about the conversation I had with his brother.  I told him I wanted an iPod – the new skinny one.  He said that’s fine, but it does not have a screen.   He said the Nano might be a better choice.  Then he asked what color, and I said “red” – (is there any other color?)  That, plus something to replace what I purchased in 2004…I’ll call it “the thing” – I told him I don’t need that right now.  I’ll let you know when I get it.