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Went to the trolley to pick up my household help.  Anna is a Medical Assistant by training;  a single mom in life.  (Cannot be a single mom, you know…my dad would kill me!  Different culture)   You see, there are still boxes in that great garage monster mystery – boxes that were delivered the Thanksgiving week of 2007.   There used to be more than 200 boxes – some in the bedrooms, a few in the kitchen and the hallway and most in the garage.  More than 200 I remember and now down to a manageable 45.   Not much – all this stuff – a sweeter term for junk.  I find it very funny and very interesting now that this “stuff” don’t mean a thing anymore.

Yahoooo!   Had a wonderful time out of town.  Finally did what I had always wanted to do all these years on New Year’s Eve….celebrate the countdown at a hotel!!!   Finally, finally.

Missed THE magic show, but made it to another.  Awesome.

To start the new year, my friends lured me away from my current state of mind – they wanted me to greet 2009 with FUN and dance the night away…and I did.  Happy now – period.   Not a question this time.

On another note, miss Pylon…..feels like a cemetery – the silence is deafening.  He’s the second best thing that ever happened – I’m waiting for the first 😉 ….thanks to both Mike and Patty for bringing Pylon into my life.  I love you both.

First things first, as usual – mass at 8am.  Then off to shopping – for groceries, that is, only to receive a call for an emergency carolling at a “home for the aged”, so to speak.  Not much of a singer, but I gave it my best shot – I have no knowledge of any songs in my native tongue, but I managed!

Gave my present (a bottle of Merlot) to Craig, our loyal mailman.  Introduced Pylon to him so he will stop barking at him (right…..)!!

Received a call from Marilen, whom I met in Kuwait.   She quit her job in Kuwait when she found out she had lung cancer and moved back here for her treatment.  We are now both reminiscing about our shopping days in Kuwait.  Kuwait was good to us both.

First things first!  Mass at 8am.   Asked for priest’s blessing for peace of mind and peace of heart.   Same birthday as visiting priest.  What a coincidence.  When I was younger, I thought I was the only one who had a birthday on this date!

Proceeded to the mall to check out their walk program only to find out it was cancelled due to the holidays.   Looked for jeans, but all of them were below the waist  – don’t like this style.   Oh well.  Then off to Outback for lunch with Pressy and Remy – I was duty driver.   Pressy was car-less and Remy’s benz had to be serviced.  Off to search for gowns for the masquerade ball.  Home at 5pm.   Will be picked up – hopefully after 10pm because I watch The Mentalist.   Where?  I have no clue.  So far, it had been a surprisingly FUN day.