I did not know whether to take I-15 then hop on to I-805 and exit University Avenue or take I-5 all the way to Pershing Drive.  I decided to take I-5.  I remembered rushing to drop off Michael (PJ first, of course) and head off to work towards Sports Arena.  This time, it was different.  I took my time – lots of it – taking in the sights – the golf course on my right just before making that right turn.

The “Laundramat” was still in the same spot…only this time, the entire Nutmeg St. is clear and clean.  The little houses had been painted; the front yards are clean….maybe it is “just the two of them” – no more kids.  Which means that “the two of them” have more time to really take care of things.  Which is nice.

I missed my turn into Saints.  I did not recognize it.  It is different now than the one I knew.  I submitted the request for grades for Mike.  The little old lady at Saints who served as the secretary/gopher/retriever/you-name-it is now retired.

Departing Saints was difficult.  I took my time leaving Saints as I did in “finding” it.  The view this time was different.  I took in the sights.  It was not the same drive I took so many times so many years ago.  Freeze-framing that image and that specific time as I drove away –